Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day - The Ritz and Fujian

For Christmas Day we went to see Black Swan, an amazing movie, at the Alamo - Ritz.  We had popcorn and it was realllllly good, so good we had to write about it.  It's a little salty but delicious.
For dinner, we had Fujian, again.  This time with the knowledge that the mongolian grill part was the best part.  It was just as good as last time and the cook remembered us so he cleaned the grill and cooked our bowls alone.  We still had some fun trying some desserts we hadn't tried last time and had an awesome rootbeer float with the soft serve.  The servers we had were hispanic so they could speak english just fine and were not rude, like last time.  We tried the lo mein again just to see if it was a one time bad experience but alas, they are very consistent, it was bad.  The fried rice was still just as good, the sushi tasted just the same, and even the sushi chef was just as rude and introvert as before.  Overall it was a nice, quiet Christmas dinner and we will likely be back.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Clay Pit

Today is our dating anniversary.. 7 years!  To celebrate we went to the Clay Pit for brunch.  We both ordered the lunch buffet and wow!  Do you need anything else?  It is small, only a few items, but for the first time the meat eaters only had 2 little dishes to choose from and we got to eat everything else!  They offered a regular salad, a bean salad, and a spread of chutney's in the first section.  Then they had delicious aromatic rice, better than we have had before, you could see the cinnamon sticks and other weird indian spices in it.  Then they had some vegetable dish with Aloo in it, it was really good, full of potatoes and cauliflower, yum!  The best entree option was the Coco curry vegetables, coconut curry.. so good.  Then it gets better, weird right?  Their soups are not made with any meat stock, they had 2, a yellow dahl and a tomato.  The yellow dahl was pretty darn good, it tasted like lentils and when Miguel tried it he was amazed at how good it was.  Then he tried the tomato soup and he was blown away, best tomato soup ever.. and he hates tomato soup.  It had cream in it and was almost reminiscent of pizza.  Now a top it off-er, you get unlimited, fresh, free naan.  The service was great, the place looks very nice and fancy and it was only $7.50.  We are kicking ourselves for just trying this place when it's only a few blocks away. 


Fujian Grand China Buffet

Trying further to scout out a good candidate for Christmas Day chinese buffet we tried this place.  When you first walk in it is beautiful, everything looks shiny and nice.  Then a rude lady takes your money (extra rude if you order water), then you sit down and more rude ladies come up and demand your receipt.  Who goes to chinese restaurants for the service though right?  So usually we inspect the buffet before we buy but we could see from the counter there were 8 tables of food so we thought we would be fine.. not so much.  There was NO TOFU.. at all.  There was lo mein that tasted like dough (overcooked?), we are picky about the lo mein.  The fried rice was good, the white rice was excellent, there were a ton of weird desserts and salads.  There was also an entire table of just fruit, but that is not why we come here.  There was a weird cheesy mayonnaise broccoli dish and questionable stuffed mushrooms, neither were good.  After trying anything that might be vegetarian we were very displeased, we spent $10 to snack on gross stuff.  Then our last thing to try was the little mongolian grill style food in the corner.  Why were we not eating it the whole time???  It was awesome, the guy didn't speak much english but when he finally understood that we did not want our food cooked with the meat from the guy behind us he respected it and cooked it on a clean grill.. all alone.  It was so good it may have been worth $10 if we were eating it the whole time.. so good we might even go back!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tien Jin - Chinese Buffet

We were craving a chinese buffet last weekend and found the highest rated buffet around us which was Tien Jin.  The atmosphere is nice, traditional, chinese restaurant.  The buffet comes with free soup but all of the soup options had chicken broth base.  The host suggested we ask them to make the soup without the stock but the server was rude about it and said vegetable soup was extra.  She probably didn't understand us though because a couple of minutes later she brought out the owner and they told us they would make a special vegetarian egg drop soup.  Shannon thought it was really good but Miguel hated the slimy texture.  The food choices did include tofu in the buddha's delight, the lo mein was plain and not great, the rice was OK.  Overall the buffet was alright, not that great, it did not satisfy our craving, we probably won't go back.


15th Street Cafe - The Double Tree

We had family staying at the Double Tree so we met them for lunch on the patio.  The ambiance is not as nice as I imagined it would be, it's a nice place but most of the deck is pool and there were kids running around it.  We shared the spinach salad and the veggie burger.  The salad was good and the burger was really good, everything tasted fresh.  Then today we had a quick lunch and just ordered the veggie burger and it was not good at all, the onions and tomatoes tasted old and the avocados were brown.  I guess it is hit or miss, the family member with us enjoyed her veggie burger though.  Overall we probably won't go there again unless family is in town, there were 2 other vegetarian options we did not try.


24 Diner

It was our aunt's birthday yesterday so we were searching downtown for a great place to go.  We stopped at Woodrow's for the atmosphere but they only had a taco truck for food so we had a huge 23 ounce beer each and moved on.  We read a few other menus on west 6th and the bouncer at the Dogwood ended up pointing us in the right direction.  He suggested 24 Diner, insisting the veggie burgers and sausages were great and it was a hip and posh place.  We walked into a sort of modern, "hip & posh," tiny diner.  The server and hostess seemed very knowledgeable insisting that their food was so good even they crave it.  Miguel ordered the veggie burger, made of mostly beets and also various beans and seeds, with a side of fries.  He then added a fried egg white on top and a side of macaroni.  Shannon ordered the vegetarian platter, a breakfast dish with egg whites, homemade veggie sausage, toast, homefries and fruit.  The veggie burger was really good but likely only because of the strong flavor from the sundried tomatoes and goat cheese because the sausages were made out of the same thing and they tasted like grainy beets.  The rest of the vegetarian platter was really good, the eggs were the best, the home fries were alright.  The french fries were pretty good but fried until they got crunchy.  The macaroni was OK but it was a little off like it was either frozen or refrigerated at some point.  Overall it was pretty good and we may go back and try the waffle sandwich or vegetarian po' boy, our aunt said her burger was the best she ever had though so at least that worked out. 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Austin Java

Friday before work we stopped at Austin Java to grab some breakfast.  We ordered the migas with egg whites and the egg whites and potato taco with corn tortillas.  Then a delicious cranberry scone that the server heated up for us.  As it turned out the scones taste grossss heated up, don't let them do that, it was sour.  With 4 minutes to go before needing to be at work they finally got our order out to us.  In the car, we opened the bag to find a taco wrapped in a flour tortilla (we hate flour tortillas!) and overly cheesy migas.  According to Shannon the migas didn't even taste cheesy, but did not taste very good.  Miguel thought it tasted way too cheesy, he liked the innards of the taco and that was about it.  The plus side is when we called Austin Java to complain they gave us a refund pretty quickly and without any fuss.  Therefore we will give it another try, perhaps when we have more time to eat.


Snack Bar Brunch - Round 2

Yesterday we went to brunch at the Snack Bar and it was really good.  This time around we got our seat preference, and got a blanket and a heater right away.  Miguel ordered the biscuits and gravy with seitan sausage.  Shannon ordered the veggie omelet with fruit and sunflower wheat toast.  The biscuits and gravy were very good, and a pretty rare treat since not many restaurants make a vegetarian gravy.  The veggie omelet was definitely reminiscent of something you could make at home, which does not win us over.  The fruit cup was obviously freshly cut melons with canned pineapples, the toast was pretty good, but with the preserves it was great.  For an "appetizer" we ordered the vermicelli salad.  It was pretty good, the sauce was good on the side but once we poured it on top it tasted sour.  The coffee was consistently good.  The worst thing about the morning was the server.  She seemed to be having major mental blocks.  We ordered a small salad and got a large because she "figured" we would want a large since we were sharing.  We ordered water with no ice so she brought us ice cups, just little things we kept having to check her on.  Overall we are still enthusiastic to try the other menu items on Sundays to come.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doc's Motorwork's

Doc's is having a great gift card deal where if you buy a $20 giftcard you get $5 free, and since our bill is usually close to $20 we bought one.  Since we had $6 left we went there for lunch today after Miguel biked for 20 miles!  Shannon had already started on her salad packed for lunch so we shared an entree and got chips and salsa.  The chips are very thick, almost like they are stale but they taste OK.  The salsa looks freshly made but it was also OK.  We ordered the South Austin Scramble with egg whites which consists of eggs, cheese, and potatoes scarmbled together with a side of refried beans, tortillas and pico de gallo.  It was pretty good.  It was not really scrambled together, more like placed near eachother where they slightly overlapped.  The eggs were covered in cheese and salsa and the potatoes were deep fried to a dark brown color.  The pico de gallo was awful, it tasted really old.  The service was also very blah, we easily put the server in a blah mood by ordering waters.  Overall it was OK, good enough that I bought another gift card so we will be back but we will probably stick to the night time dining since we like the atmosphere so much more.  On other trips to doc's we got the veggie burger in the style of the peppercorn burger with blue cheese which was really good, and the torta burger which was really good the first time and not as good the second time.  We also tried the pesto sandwich, Shannon liked it Miguel did not, he though it was too oily.  The sweet potato fries are really good and probably worth the $1.50 upgrade from the regular fries.  The first trip could possibly have been influenced by the hybrid and pitcher of Seasonal Shiner we ordered.  For Doc's sake I hope not.. lol.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


See now this is bad.  Miguel biked 11 miles yesterday and did not eat lunch so he had a lot of calories to make up for.  The logical action would be getting ice cream in such a predicament.. right?  The answer is yes.  So we walked to Amy's on Guadalupe and Miguel got a Muddy Dalmation with Mexican Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Oreos, Almonds and something else.  Shannon got fat free sugar free vanilla with almonds and strawberries.. she did not have as many calories left.  They were both really good, but Miguel's was much better, just delicious.  They were having a sale on pints and we needed some TiffWich supplies so we tried a bunch of flavors and ended up getting Mexican Vanilla, Coffee, and Fat-free Sugar-free Chocolate.  Other good one's were the regular vanilla, sweet cream, white chocolate and key lime pie.. Coffee was by far the best though.  They have a lot of vegan options too.



It's not as bad as it seems!  Or maybe it is.  Someone was having a birthday at the office so obviously we had to accompany her to Zax.  Then we went again today for good measure.. that's bad.  Anyway, yesterday the black bean burger almost scared us off for good, it was obviously frozen, served on a white bun and just not good.  Today, the vegetarian panini saved the day.  It was delicious with roasted veggies including lots of onions and goat cheese melted throughout.  The bread was crispy and delicious and it overall had a great flavor.  The fries are OK and the coffee was pretty good.  The service is not amazing or anything but we started out at Aussie's and when we told our server we wanted water she raised her eyebrows and said with an obvious attitude but an over exaggerated smile on her face "3 waters, OK!".  It was so rude we had to leave.. so in comparison Zax had pretty good service.  Also of note is their large beer selection although it is geared more towards light beer drinkers.


Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dog and Duck

Is this still sad?  This is three blogs for the weekend.. we have decided to limit going out to the weekends only though so we will be better!  For Sunday night we were feeling like green chile's and getting out of the house so we walked over to the Dog and Duck, our favorite pub.  This was our first time going to the D&D without the intentions of gulping down a Pecan Porter or a Bruins (our favorite beers).  Of course we went in our festive Dog and Duck sweaters and and flip flops.  Unfortunately it was too cold to sit outside but this is a rare place where the atmosphere is different but still really good inside so we did not mind.  They changed their menu since the last time we went and they now have some artichoke pesto themed dishes.  So to satisfy our green chile fix we ordered the chips and queso and split the artichoke pesto burger with a black bean burger patty and a wheat bun.  The overall rating was just OK, which is a big deal since this is one of our favorite veggie burger places in town.  It could be that they are just getting used to this burger because it has potential but was just a little off.  The queso was pretty good and we got a cherry coke to satisfy our want to order a drink, it was flat.  Nothing to ruin our love of this place but still semi disappointing, you would use that sound that goes wa-wah.  Perhaps we will trying going during the day some time to try their home made soup!


The Alamo Drafthouse - South Lamar

We went to the Alamo on Saturday to see Rare Exports (very good!).  This may very well be our last time at this particular drafthouse though because we are fed up with how rude the workers are.  However since this is about food let's get down to that and not dwell on the "college kids" they hire.  The only thing we have ever been impressed with so far is the artichoke pizza which was still just good, not the best.  This time Shannon had the spaghetti squash with pomodoro sauce and Miguel had the spicy black bean burger.  In Miguel's opinion both items were gross, he described the squash as slimy and the burger as being a cold handful of beans smushed onto the bun.  Shannon thought the burger was nothing special and the cheese was especially bad quality making it taste very cheap.  However she loved the spaghetti squash, she thought it was a great pasta replacement and as a pasta lover.. that means something, right?  Now for the good news, we ordered a raspberry milkshake and it was TO DIE FOR!  Of course it was Amy's ice cream so maybe they don't deserve the credit but maaan was it good.  We slurped it down entirely too fast, it was surprisingly good quality with real raspberry chunks and chocolate covered sunflower seeds on top.  So we may just have popcorn and milkshakes from now on but we will still frequent the Drafthouses for the love of movie, maybe just the ritz or lake creek instead.


Sunday Brunch at the Snack Bar

We decided to try a new place for brunch yesterday, instead of our usual Sagra.  Of course we wake up no later than 7AM on a Sunday so it is really hard to wait until brunch anyway so this worked out.  We biked over to the Snack Bar after deciding against Magnolia Cafe (It was after 7AM and the waitress that calls us "sweetie" was there).  We had been reluctant to try this place because we are much to hungry to settle for snacks but it was so much more than the name suggests!  First off the little things were cute like the water was served from a beaker, the coffee cups were modular and the overall atmosphere was pretty relaxed.  The service was the type we like where there is not a bunch of fake chit chat but simply refills and silence.  Additionally, we sat outside and they offered us personal heaters and lap blankets so that was nice.  We started off with banana bread which was in Shannon's opinion, delicious, because of the lack of an egg taste and light sweetness, in Miguel's opinion, pretty good, because he loves sweet, moist, nutty bread.  The coffee was excellent, very comparable to Magnolia Cafe's #1 coffee.  The banana bread dipped in the coffee was reallly good.  Next up was the entree, Miguel ordered the tofu migas with an added egg white and a side of seitan sausage, Shannon had the Tamago Yoko with poached/scrambled egg whites and the seitan of course.  Both were amazing but the migas were the best, in fact so good they have surpassed Arturo's to earn the #1 migas in town.  The cheese was obviously sharp and of a good quality and the tofu was actually scrambled to resemble eggs rather than left in chunks as other places have done.  Even the black beans that come with the migas were amazing.  The seitan sausage was very good but a little dry.  The seitan on the Tamago Yoko was moist though and resembled a sort of thick bacon type "meat".  The Tamago Yoko is a cabbage and leek patty topped with 2 strips of seitan bacon and then topped with eggs, sriracha, nuoc cham and wasabi aioli.  They make their aioli or mayonnaise in house although we could not appreciate that since we do not like mayo.  Overall it was a great dish but by the end it is too much of the same flavor, perhaps if you were to share with someone or use the mayo it might fix this.  We happened to read the happy hour menu while we were there and it sounds pretty amazing so we will be back for sure.

UPDATE: We did go back and they seem have become less vegan and pocket friendly.  They added shrimp to the hash cake, took away the vegan gravy, got rid of the migas and our server seemed to be very confused about how to incorporate a tofu scramble.  It was like he thought it was gross but didn't know what we could add to it to fix that.. one suggestion was salt, he also said they could just grill a slab for us lol.  They do have a tofu scramble in another breakfast though, so not sure why this was so hard.  The service was pretty bad this time around.  The michelada was really good the first time but not the second, and for a $5 cocktail you'd hope for a little consistency.  They have a really good, and expensive, sounding french toast that is vegan, cooked with rice milk and has nadamoo ice cream on top.  The salad also looked a lot better than it sounded, the people next to us ordered it and the avocados and pineapples were huge.  They do have vegan things like granola and silk yogurt, etc. but since you are already getting a "snack," getting a lighter snack that is readily available at home is not all that appealing.  The sliders sounded good but were $10 with no side, this time felt more like the Snackbar was a fitting name.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Past Restaurants

In order to cover all that we have already been to since we moved here 2 months ago.. we decided to list out all of the restaurants we've visited and what we had.  Disgustingly, we found out we have been to 50 restaurants!  Some more than once!  Anyway, here is a list of places we've been and whether/what we would recommend for vegetarians, keep in mind we always order egg whites when eggs are involved and we drink our coffee black:

Hey Cupcake - RECOMMEND! Pumpkinator.
Home Slice To go - Do not recommend (We have not tried the original) - have now, still don't recommend.
Alamo Drafthouse - Recommend.  Artichoke Pizza, butter beer, caramel custard. - spaghetti squash, asian salad, tofu sandwich.
The Highball - Recommend.  We went for the Yule ball, the veggie burger was pretty good, the butter beer was delicious.
Magnolia Cafe, South Congress - Recommend.  Only go before 7AM for the best service and food, try the LOVE veggies, some of the best coffee in town, they will substitute tofu for eggs.
Veggie Heaven - Recommend.  There are about 50 combos of greatness, service sucks.
Magic Wok - Recommend!  The General Tso's is some of the best tofu we have tried, especially cold the next day.
Torchy's Taco's - Do not recommend.
Taco Cabana - Recommendish.  Good salsa bar, average bean taco.
Jackalope - Recommend.  Very good/large pizza.
Guero's - Recommend.  Pretty good mole sauce, excellent Don Margaritas.. sometimes, food is average, queso is awesome.
Tacos la Guera's (Bright orange building on South Congress) - Recommended.  Some of the best breakfast taco's we have had yet, interesting choices, authentic, and very cheap.
Taqueria a la Charra (on Lamar) - Recommended.  Even better breakfast taco's, get the egg and potato.
Dominican Joe's - Do not recommend.
Joe's - Recommend.  Very good granola, not very good taco's, OK coffee.
Genuine Joe's - Do not recommend.  Food is OK and coffee is not very good, veggie friendly though.
Mozart's - Recommended.  Pumpkin Cheesecake is to die for, the rest is not amazing, college kid service. - not recommended for vegans.
El Sol y La Luna - Recommendish.  Not the greatest atmosphere or service, empanadas were pretty good, best mexican martini we've had.
El Mercado - Recommended.  Great happy hour from 4-6PM, pretty cheap, they have a vegetarian section and they have vegetarian rice and beans. - no longer recommend cause food sucks :(
Mr. Natural - Recommended.  Delicious mole, all vegetarian, authentic, very healthy mexican food.
Spiderhouse Cafe - Recommendish.  Some of the best atmosphere in town, not the greatest food or drinks, the cucumber margarita is not as good as it sounds.
Kerbey Lane Cafe - Recommendish.  We have been there many times at 3 different locations and we have had good and bad experiences, pretty good coffee, delicious BBQ tofu, great vegan pancakes, they will substitute tofu for eggs.  Don't believe people about the migas, they are not that great.
Arturo's - Recommended.  Definitely the best migas in town, the thai veggie sandwich is not as good as it sounds. - not recommended for vegans
Madam Mam's - Recommended.  Only because it has a large selection of good sounding vegetarian stuff, although the black colored noodle dish was not good.
Shakespeare's Pub - Not recommended.  They don't have food but just wanted to mention how bad their long island iced teas are.
Bone Daddy's - Recommendish.  They have almost nothing for vegetarians but it is a really cool atmosphere to watch the game and have a domestic beer.
Jim's - Do not recommend.  It is pretty much Denny's.
Denny's - Do not recommend. - their hashbrowns are vegan so they can be recommended again :)
Sagra - Recommend!  The most amazing tasting food you will ever try, you have to order things without the meat but it is still delicious, try the sagra pizza, the eggs sagra, the polenta bowl and the lasagna del inverno! - the vegan menu is not as amazing but the truffled mushroom panini and mixed veggie pasta are still legit.
Dog and Duck Pub - Recommend!  They have one of the best veggie burgers we've tried, be sure to order the burger of your choice with the homemade black bean burger.. the regular one is not that good.  The best burger in Miguel's opinion is the Black and Bleu (ask them to blacken your veggie burger), and in Shannon's opinion is the pineapple mango burger!  They also have a huge selection of beers and other vegetarian British food.
Austin Java - Recommended.  Very good cranberry scone, not very good coffee, very good pumpkin spiked latte.
Doc's Motorworks - Recommended.  They have a pretty good burger, the peppercorn and torta burger are good.
Max's Wine Dive - Recommendish.  Maybe if you are bringing a meat eater along cause supposedly they have the best fried chicken in the world but the grilled cheese was only OK, the tomato soup was good though and obviously they have an amazing wine and beer list.
Fado Irish Pub - Recommendish.  They have very little for vegetarian's but the best Guiness pour in town.
Parkside - Recommended.  Great atmosphere and service, sit on the patio for a beautiful view and the butternut squash ravioli appetizer is tiny but reallly good.
Peche - Recommended.  It is very authentic and right next to a live music venue, the gnocchi was great, the creme brulee not so much.
Chilantro - Recommended.  They have the choice of tofu in almost every delicious entree they serve, this is a trailer, the fries are not as good as they look.. the taco's are.
Shady Grove - Recommended.  The noodle salad is awesome, the hippie burger is pretty good, they have live music out back.
The Gingerman - Recommended.  Very large beer selection, the empanadas are pretty darn good.
F. N. Goode Burgers (behind The Local) - RECOMMENDED.  The best veggie burger we've tried to date, it is homemade.  Get the chili burger.
La Boite - Recommended.  The best almond croissants of my life, the macarons are pretty good, the sandwiches are alright, good coffee. - not recommended for vegans.
Texas Chili Parlor - Recommended.  Pretty good chili baked potato and pasta salad, biker bar type atmosphere (as in Harley's).
Zax's - Recommended.  Very good bruschetta, the fig and goat cheese was the best.  The polenta with blue cheese is kind of strong but pretty good, the artichoke pizza was good, large beer selection. - not recommended for vegans, veggie burgers kinda suck.
Aussie's - Recommended.  Very laid back beach atmosphere that reminds us of Florida, the food was not that great or healthy, we had the veggie burger, chips and salsa and about 5 pitchers of beer.
Taste of Fire - Recommended.  Little red trailer on Barton Springs, amazingly healthy, fresh spring rolls.  Apparently, her special is a vegetarian dish that is not always on the menu, haven't tried it yet.
Crepe Mille - Recommended.  Miguel was not that happy about his omelet crepe (he forgot to order whites only) but we were both amazed at how good the Cremini Mushroom Crepe was, the flavor is ignited with a spritz of the lemon, bad coffee. - not recommended for vegans.
The Main Event - Recommend.  Best Don Margarita's ever!  The vegetarian food options are not that great but then again neither are the meat eater options, this is a place for fun only.
Roppolo's Pizza - Recommendish.  They had vegetarian options but the pizza was bland and they are not nice about picky vegetarians that don't want the meat pizza touching the veggie pizza. - not recommended for vegans.

So we can't remember all of the names of the restaurants, more may be added when we do!  Isn't this sad?  It amounts to going out to eat more than every other day.  It doesn't even include places where we only had drinks.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tiff's Tits

I am very cool because I am blogging right now.  All that aside.. Hello, this is Shannon and Miguel.  We are vegetarian foodies now living in Austin, Texas.  We started this blog to document our food encounters over the next couple of years with a goal of trying EVERY restaurant in Austin!  Our first review EVER is for Tiff's Treats on 18th Street and San Antonio.  We tried this gem for the first time yesterday although at first Miguel thought we were going to Tiff's Tits, hence the name.  This small establishment could be mistaken for someone's grandmother's house if it weren't for the little yard sign and picnic table out front.  Tiff's Treats is a cookie delivery service although if you opt to pick up you get to enjoy the smell of fresh baked treats and the complacent stare of a college kid.  We hate the service you get from places that hire only unseasoned workers, college kids or otherwise.  Thankfully after you pick up these delightful treats you enjoy nothing but bliss to the very last bite.  The best thing we have tried so far is the TiffWich, mmmm, a generous plop of "gourmet" Blue Bell ice cream between two warm cookies of deliciousness.  We make fun of people who try to pass off the Blue Bell Creamery as something special.  Last night Miguel got a peanut butter chocolate chip TiffWich and Shannon got half white chocolate almond and half butterscotch chip, we both thought our own was better.  The peanut butter chocolate chip was very rich and sweet while the half and half was a lighter, more crunchy sweetness.  It must be noted that all of this cost less than $5.  Of course since it is December, we have to have something sweet everyday so we went back again today.  We decided to stop by the store and get our own "gourmet" ice cream, neapolitan flavor, and a dozen cookies.  Half a dozen was the chocolate chip, recommended by the staff, and the other half was white chocolate almond.  Miguel agrees that the chocolate chip is the best cookie so far and we both agree that vanilla is the only way to go for a TiffWich!  While we will be back, we will still be on the look out for Austin's best cookie as the cookie's were not so stupendous that you have never tried anything like them.


A home made TiffWich with neapolitan ice cream and 2 white chocolate almond cookies from Tiff's Treats