Friday, May 13, 2011

Zandunga Bistro

Happy Anniversary to us!  We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary, although it is a bit early.. Shannon is going to France for our anniversary so we have to celebrate a week ahead :(/:)  So we decided on Zandunga Bistro because, for one, the owner said we could have a free guava agave margarita.  For two, the vegan entrees sounded mouth watering.  It was a little sketchy at first because the last time we went (for 50 cent margaritas) the service was hardly friendly and the drinks were teeny, then when Shannon called to make reservations the woman was pretentious and borderline rude.  Regardless, we went during happy hour and got half off our guacamole appetizer, which came with delicious pickled onions, orange and lime slices, mangoes, tomatoes and jalapenos.  Chips and salsa are complimentary so that always wins us over too.  After our huge guac appetizer we order the Vegetable Mixiote and the vegan Aguacate Relleno.  Mostly just because we wanted to try them both because geez was the guacamole filling.  The mixiote was a mix of gourmet veggies with an exceedingly gourmet sauce dotted beside the banana leaves that held the veggies.  The mixiote also came with a salad, consisting of the most delicate of greens and topped with pickled onions and cherry tomato slices.  The vegan version of the Aguacate Relleno was a dream come true as far as getting to try a stuffed avocado.  The white rice was a much better version of the kind we make at home and the black bean puree was a perfect compliment.  The avocados were thick and ripe but a little overkill after the guacamole, so get one or the other.. can't decide which one!  They were stuffed with corn and what looked like the house salsa.  We were hoping for the mushrooms and sweet peppers the meat eaters got, and maybe we got them, but it didn't seem so.  Still a great dish, very filling and tasty.  The drinks that accompanied this fine meal included our complimentary guava agave margarita, which Miguel loved and ordered again, and the frozen Mojito.  The frozen mojito is better than it sounds because it is delicious and the mint sprigs are still apparent in the taste and the texture.  Our server came and offered us dessert and we cried a little after she told us there were no vegan options but we were overwhelmingly surprised when she came back and told us to expect a special treat for dessert.  She brought us out an amazingly delicious mango, strawberry ravioli with coconut creme, topped with mexican coconut.  It consists of two, square mango slices sandwiching chopped strawberries, topped with basil and sprinkled with coconut.  It was both visually appealing and palate pleasing, and amazingly we remembered to take a picture before devouring it!  We sat outside, which was nice until the sun was in our eyes but after 7pm (end of happy hour) the sun went down and the atmosphere ignited.  The hole-y tables outside were inconvenient because when the salsa drips it is right in your lap, so be a proper diner and put the napkin in your lap.  Overall it was a great experience, great food, great service and free stuff, which always keeps us coming back.  We will be back!


Mango-strawberry ravioli topped with basil and mexican coconut with coconut creme on the sides