Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whole Foods

Sure this is not a restaurant, but they do have food!  First off, it is awesome to just go to Whole Foods and have a bunch of delicious free samples.  As for buying food, the vegan chicken nuggets are to DIE for.  They taste better than any meaty nugget ever thought about tasting.  The vegan apple fritters taste like a delectable, high quality, funnel cake.  Delicately caramelized glaze and fluffy insides, although no apples.  Then the vegan coconut donut is also amazing with a hint of that funnel cake flavor and tasty cocnut, the inside of this one is even fluffier, mmmmm.  The big john, vegan chocolate chip cookie, was mm mm good.  The mocha chip oatmeal cookie was dry and not so good.  The vegan migas were quite good although very easy to make at home so it doesn't seem worth it to pay $7.99/lb.  The breakfast potatoes and black beans were good, in a standard sort of way.  Overall, Whole Foods makes up a great brunch for early risers.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bamboo Bistro

Urban Dealight had a deal for half off Bamboo Bistro so Miguel got 2 vouchers for his birthday.  We were a little skeptical at first because it looked like a really nice asian diner, which might hint at a chain.  It was not!  It is actually a 3 month old, family owned restaurant and it is amazing!  First off, they are very vegetarian and vegan friendly since they offer a bunch of noodle and entree dishes where you pick the "meat".  Even better, when we asked the server if any of their soup were vegan.. she knew the answer!  We realized how rare it is that people actually have a straight answer right away and this person knew the ingredients in each dish, further suggesting that everything is home made :)  Another postivie note is you could pick white, brown or fried rice with your meal at no extra charge.  We ordered the vegetarian egg roll (vegan) and the Thai soup, both were great.  The Thai soup had an interesting flavor because it was really spicy but had basil leaves and mushrooms to counteract the heat.  For our main courses, Shannon had the yellow curry tofu and Miguel had the szechuan tofu.  Both were amazing but the curry was over the top delicious.  Our favorite curry ever tastes just like this curry but has a more fluid consistency.  The szechuan tasted like a mild general tso's sauce and was a good balance for the curry since it can become to much at times.  None of the deserts were vegan and we had $3 left on our deal (cheap right?) so we ordered the general tso's tofu to take home.  We did try it in the car though and it was really good.  Not your typical general tso's sauce, it was soy sauce based.. but it will make a great breakfast.  Overall we would recommend this place to everyone!  Help a starting business out.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Promise Pizza

For the new year, our resolution is to be vegan!  As it turns out there is not much you can't have, almost everything can be made vegan.  Miguel was really missing pizza so he was happy to find out that Promise Pizza serves a vegan pizza!  We drove a ways to get to the Promise Pizza near the Gateway Plaza but it was well worth it.  We ordered the Mediterranean pizza on whole wheat crust with garlic, olive oil, basil and herbs.. Miguel ordered olives on his half.  It is made with Daiya mozarella cheese which we have used and loved before because of its buttery flavor.  The pizza was amazing although next time we might ask them to mix the cheese up a little because it gets crispy sitting on top.